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UMN Advisor gets interviewed live

by UMN @udhamini

On a snowy 2009 day in Canton, NY USA UMN Advisor Kariuki sat in a packed auditorium in St. Lawrence University's Griffith's Art Center. He was there to watch a "story telling" presentation by members of then Creative Theatre class. Headed my Dr. Bantu, the class had prepared for months to showcase short stories in theatrical form.

It was Dr. Bantu that summed the show and captivated the audience. His dreadlocks shining on stage and his forehead sparkling with sweat, he thundered traditional Kenyan short story after another. The drums at the background transported every listener to the Savannah lands of Kenya and Tanzania, while his thunderous voice and dramatic acts enlivened the show. Even his wife, then Visiting Professor of Swahili Susan Bantu could not hide the grin on her face. She knew that the theatre was a compelling platform of education that would alter the lives of every member of the audience, if not the future generation represented by her then two daughters.

Consequently, Mrs. Bantu is now Director of her own YouTube based MyCareerMentorWithSue, where she interviews Kenyan professionals. One such profession was our very own Advisor Kariuki Maina. Listen to his journey in Biochemistry Research here:

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