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Volunteers are the building block of UMN. As a volunteer, you get to partake in enriching the lives of future educationalists, industrialists, leaders and entrepreneurs.

We are looking for community members aged 18 years and older with at least a High School Diploma. Opportunities to volunteer include:

  • Office manager

  • One-on-one mentor

  • One-on-one educationist

  • Computer Technician

  • AV technician

  • Event organizer

  • Print Designer

  • Professional Speakers e.g. Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers


All volunteers undergo mandatory online and field training before working with our clients. After completing a minimum of 1 year, UMN gladly offers letters of recommendation to its volunteers.

A group of young school children in Mombasa, Kenya

Become a member of UMN

Apply to be a member of UMN and have the chance to give back.  Experience the joy and satisfaction of bringing smiles to others through our organization. Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor.  Click below for more details and our application.

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