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Empowering Youth 

in Mombasa, Kenya

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Udhamini Mentorship Network (UMN) is a grassroots NGO based in Mombasa, Kenya that is dedicated to alleviating poverty, promoting access to education and mitigate the negative impact of alcohol, drugs and HIV/AIDS across communities of the former Coast Province.

The Problem

Mombassa is facing several issues such as ill-equipped schooling facilities, poor sanitation, few job opportunities, and inadequate infrastructure

Children in a Mombasa Keyna school room
Happy school children in a park in Mombasa, Kenya

The Solution

UMN provides mentoring, higher education prep, health advocacy, career training and citizenship amidst adolescents and youth within its target communities.

Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor

How We Help


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Empower Our Youth

A group of laughing school children in Mombasa, Kenya
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